My first github project!

screen capture from the current pacworld program - shows several pink rectangles (rooms) and a triangle (player) next to a swirling spiral (art piece)Wow, it's been almost a year since I posted anything! I guess having a new baby tends to change up your priorities a bit. I've had 2 people mention blogging to me today AND I have a really geeky accomplishment to announce, so here goes...

I created my first open-source repository today on github!

Website mashups using Yahoo! Pipes

screenshot from Yahoo PipesIn the same way that audio software enables DJs to remix music, combining several songs together to create a new one, modern web technologies allow programmers to mash-up data from websites with relative ease.

When I went looking for a map of ATM locations for my local credit union, I was disappointed to find only an HTML table with a bunch of addresses. Now, I can tell that those are all addresses, and if I were to copy & paste any of them into Google Maps, it would have no problem finding that location on the map. But getting all of them to show up on the same map? A little trickier.

Freefalling into Fatherhood

I'm in the last few days before my first child is born. It's like that half-second where you're hovering in the air, the jump from the dry pier behind you and the inevitable plunge into cold lakewater below you, but not quite here yet.

People like to ask "Are you ready?" and I know that if I say yes, then I'm not ready, but saying "no" doesn't feel right either. I think parenthood is something you're not really ready for until you've already done it. One of my great comforting thoughts is knowing that millions of humans have been born and raised successfully with far fewer resources, less knowledge, and scarcer support networks than what we have now.

It's one part new roommate, one part dependent family member, one huge part self-awareness training and several other parts, some of which I'm beginning to glimpse, and some that I have no inkling of yet whatsoever.

I like to think that I'm providing tall shoulders for my son to stand on, having stood on tall shoulders myself throughout my life. And I know that this does not mean that he won't face any problems in his lifetime, but that hopefully, he'll have more interesting ones to solve than me.


complete sentences are overrated

I am really good at phrases. combining brevity and poetry. Sometimes you don't need all the words to get the point across and all the extras just make it longer to read. I'm going to start publishing "shorties." They'll probably be reposted through twitter and facebook to expand distribution, at least until they get popular enough that I should stop spamming my friends with them. ;D

How NOT to spam Facebook with your SXSWi Tweets

Every March some 50,000+ people descend on my hometown of Austin, Texas to check out the latest in music, film and interactive tech in a giant marketing orgy called South by Southwest. As an Austin resident, it's the kind of thing where you either want to attend the event, or GTFO. 

It's one of the few times of year when I use Twitter on a regular basis. For the rest of the year, I use Twitter to post random thoughts and short quips. I have set up the "Twitter for Facebook" application to re-post all my tweets to Facebook, so that I can share those self-indulgent remarks with my friends & family in a more directed manner.